Series Manufacturing

At SERIES Seating we take great pride in providing the best seating systems available. We manufacture 100% of every chair in-house to ensure our specifications and quality are maintained. All of our design and engineering is also done in-house. Even our brochures, literature and manuals are designed and printed in-house. In fact, the only things we don’t make right here at SERIES are signage, screws and fabric.

By keeping so much of our production in-house, we can guarantee that you are receiving the best product possible. Production time is streamlined, allowing us greater quality control, and we can offer immediate access to replacement parts. Because we’re not waiting on outsourced components, we deliver in a timely manner and eliminate additional costs. All of this translates into higher quality at a cost saving to you.

This is not only good for our customers; it’s environmentally responsible as well. We are able to dramatically reduce manufacturing waste throughout the entire process. Foam pieces are molded to exact size rather than excessive trimming, eliminating waste. Metal components are laser cut which also minimizes waste. Scrap metal is collected and recycled as well.